BDC Citizens' Panel July 2019


Views were sought from Bolsover District Council Citizen Panel members on the following: • The Domestic Waste Collection Service • Information about the Council and its Services (Full results from this survey can be found below).

Why are we Consulting

Bolsover District Council provides a range of domestic waste collection services to all local residents. These include burgundy bin, black bin and green bin collections as well as collections of bulky household waste. We last asked how satisfied you were with these services in May 2017 and would like to continue monitoring to see if satisfaction levels have changed since then.

We also want to know how you rate the various forms of communication Bolsover District Council use, these include; our newsletter and social media sites. We are also interested in what other local media you use and your access to the internet.



  • K Bradford


  • Consultation is Closed
  • Runs from 22/06/2019 to 22/07/2019
  • Results expected: 08/01/2020
  • Feedback expected: 22/11/2019

Other Infomation

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  • Refuse and street cleansing
  • Communication
Consultation categories:
  • Citizens Panel

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