Private Landlord and Empty Property Event Evaluation 2018


The private rented market is very varied and the standard of accommodation and management can also differ greatly. Local Councils can give guidance not only to potential renters but also to the landlords themselves. Additionally councils do not want properties to stand empty when they could be brought back into the housing stock for residents to rent - they can support landlords to help this happen.

Why are we Consulting

We are holding a private landlord and empty property event covering both North East Derbyshire and Bolsover areas on 15th May 2018. The event will provide information and advice to all private landlords in the area. The questionnaire linked below is to evaluate this event so if you attend please complete the short questionnaire after. The results will help us to improve the events we hold in the future.


  • Thomas Evans
  • Joint Empty Properties Officer
  • Strategic Housing
  • 01246 217834


  • Consultation is Closed
  • Runs from 15/05/2018 to 24/05/2018
  • Results expected: 04/06/2018
  • Feedback expected: 04/06/2018

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