NEDDC Town Centre Health Check 2020


North East Derbyshire Disttrict Council acknowledges the key role that town centres play in the social and economic life of the district. They act as the employment, leisure and cultural hubs for their surrounding areas. However, many town centres across the country are struggling to meet the changing demands of 21st century residents and to meet the challenges of online or out of town shopping.

Why are we Consulting

North East Derbyshire District Council has been undertaking regular 'Health checks' of its town centres. these are questionnaires like this one, that ask users of each of our 4 town centres (Clay Cross, Dronfield, Eckington and Killamarsh) for their opinions on various elements of the town and what changes they would like to see implemented to make the town centre better. This information is then collated and analysed and is used by the Council to apply for external funding opportunities, such as the recently announced Future High Streets Fund, for money to help regenerate the towns.

If someone you know wants to take part but does not have access to the website, paper copies are available on request either email or call 01246 217018.



  • Martyn Handley
  • Economic Development Projects Officer
  • Economic Development
  • 01246 217203


  • Consultation is Closed
  • Runs from 06/01/2020 to 24/01/2020
  • Results expected: 31/03/2020
  • Feedback expected: 30/04/2020

Other Infomation

  • Clay Cross North
  • Clay Cross South
  • Dronfield North
  • Dronfield South
  • Dronfield Woodhouse
  • Eckington North
  • Eckington South
  • Killamarsh East
  • Local residents
  • Visitors to the district
  • People working or studying in the district
  • Community and voluntary groups
  • Businesses
  • Regeneration
Consultation categories:
  • Online
  • Postal

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Forthcoming Consultations

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