Ask Derbyshire is the website that helps you find out how you can have your say on matters in your area. The website currently includes consultation undertaken by Bolsover District Council , North East Derbyshire District Council and occasionally partners.

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NEDDC Dog Management Public Space Protection Order 2019 (Closed: 06/10/2019)
Have Your Say on the draft Council Plan (Closed: 23/08/2019)
NEDDC Citizens' Panel July 2019 (Closed: 26/07/2019)
NEDDC Citizens' Panel November 2018 (Closed: 30/11/2018)
BDC Citizens' Panel - November 2018 (Closed: 30/11/2018)
Food Hygiene Rating Scheme 2018 (Closed: 30/11/2018)
NEDDC Leisure Facility Satisfaction Survey 2018 (Closed: 11/11/2018)
NEDDC Empty Properties 2018 (Closed: 29/03/2019)
BDC Empty Properties 2018 (Closed: 29/03/2019)
Self-build housing 2018 (Closed: 30/11/2018)
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